Haulace 3.5 T

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3.5T All terrain coupling designed to go anywhere

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The Lovells Special Products Haulace 3.5T automatic coupling is a complete all terrain coupling with 360 degree articulation, the head of the coupling is made from super tough Duplex stainless steel and requires no maintenance, which also makes it ideal for river crossings, beach towing and boat trailers.

The Haulace 3.5T requires no human interaction to couple it to your tow vehicle, you simply need to lower the jockey wheel and allow the coupling to self-align and lock on to the patented tow pillar, the tow vehicle and trailer don’t need to be on level ground as the Haulace 3.5T will couple and uncouple at any angle.

All Australian designed, tested and manufactured, the Haulace 3.5T coupling is the only coupling you need for your next adventure.